Carrot Straps

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Discontinued after we sell out! 

In response to our Bacon straps we've created a vegetarian version! No carrots were hurt in the creation of this product, just kidding we ate the carrots.

Our Hold Fast™ original Foot Retention System™ was the first of its kind to hit the market in 2009. Born on the streets of New York City out of a desire for something stronger and more durable than the turn of the century toe-clip technology.

We designed these from the ground up to integrate with most bicycle pedals, however we recommend a Platform Pedal for the most comfort and performance. You can choose from a wide variety of stock colors to best suit your style. 

Price is per each pair.

All of our straps are Proudly made in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Looking for something special? check out our Custom Strap Page for lots of limited editions to chose from.

Click here for strap installation instructions

*pedal not included

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