Bio Hazard

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The Cough Suppressor Face Mask from US Made Safe


Breathe easily and ride safety. We developed these masks to fill a dire shortage of PPE by sewing masks for individuals and health workers when the COVID pandemic first began early 2020.  We make these masks in the same place, with the same thought and care as we make all our Hold Fast gear. 

We pre-wash and package these in as clean an environment as possible, all employees wear protective gear while we pack and seal. Discard shipping material immediately but the product inside will be minimally handled. 


- Triple-layer Protection (base layer, trap layer, filter layer)
- Anti-microbial, silver infused filter nylon
- Soft fabric layer against face 
- Customizable Strap for maximum protection yet gentle for comfort and convenience
- Machine washable (warm water)
- Provides respiratory protection against most airborne contaminants
- US Army Tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds

Note: Is not anti-viral, not FDA approved, or an N95 mask,  but will provide reliable respiratory protection against most contaminants.