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Packy: Golden State

PACKY. Clean riding for sure. I liked the dipped out 3s and the fakie pedal set before the 5 cab.

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Hold Fast Frames

Yes, that’s right. We are very proud to introduce our latest joint, the Hold Fast frameset.     We’ll have three wheel sizes available: a 29″, a 26″, and a 24″.  Yeah, the first production 24″ frameset.  So much fun.     We’ve been prototyping these for well over a year.  Lots of research and […]

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RECFAIL @ Woodward West

Lingo was at Woodward West for their fixed gear weekend snapping shots of all the guys that made it out there. He’s got a bunch of good photos of big tricks at recfail. Oh! and don’t miss the edit Gus put together from the weekend here.

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Ballin’ All Over the World

A couple of edits from our global flow team. First one is our boy Finn throwing it down in Canada, 29ering it hard with some gnarly stair rides. Second one is all the way from Jakarta with Sonny Ony throwing bars all over the place.

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Chacon Doing His Thing

Chacon dropped this one for his earbud sponsor today. He’s also got a web store up over at his site with a MC hat and T.

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A Couple of Races in April

In Savannah Georgia In Corona California

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Dalton’s Affinity America bike

via LAF some cool shots of John Dalton’s show bike for his future shop.

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Seattle Leaves Winter…

…and in it’s wake there are these three videos: from Zlog, a good variety of spots and tricks including some insane chainless riding from TJ. From CSK this one has some fun looking rocks and playgrounds and also Kareem. Also from CSK a Tyler Johnson quick edit some cool stuff from that classic seattle tennis […]

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A Nasty Quickie

Nasty himself upped this quickie, some cool traction breaking tricks in it.

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